MAKAH (Washington State) ESKIMO (Alaska) ATHABASKAN (Alaska/Canada)

Makah "Tea Cup" Basket Cedar and sea grass. Washington 1940 6.5 x 2.75"" Village Eskimo Lidded Basket Spruce root, baleen, and sea grass. Totem pole design on side. Bristol Bay, Togish Village, Alaska. Late 1800's 6.25" x 7.375" Makah Lidded Notions Basket Cedar and sea grass. Washington 1900 - 1910 4.375" x 5.75 x 3.25""
Tlingit Basketry Bowl. A very thin, finely woven basket using closed twining and bands of open work cross warp twining called "eye holes"- see the light airy quality. The closed twining work displays "cross" in "goose track" design elements in upper and lower panels. Also note the "fireweed" design in the central panel. Construction consists of split spruce warp and weft. The "false embroidery" is created using dyed beargrass (xerophyllum). Southern Alaska 1890 - 1900 5.75" x 5.25" Tlingit Pyramid Basket A spruce root and sea grass twinned weave basket from southeastern Alaska. Brown and yellow pyramid designs. 1940 5" x 6" This is a notions basket constructed from spruce root and painted using cranberry and blueberry dyes. The pattern is known as a "salmonberry design". The piece was made some time before 1935. Athapaskan, northern Alaska 3.5" x 5.625"