MAIDU TRIBE - Plumas & Lassen Co., WASHO - Lassen, Plumas & Sierra Cos., MIWOK - Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Sacramento, Solano, Calaveras, Amador Cos., Paiute - Modoc & Lassen Cos.


These Maidu bowls are coil constructed on a willow shoot foundation and decorated with dyed bracken fern root.

Maidu Conical Bowl "Flying Geese Pattern" 1900 - 1910 5.5" x 10.5" Maidu Gift Bowl 1900 - 1910 3" x 6.25"
Washo Beaded Bowl Single rod construction About 1920 3.5" x 5"
Washo Lidded Bowl Single rod construction Early 1900's 5" x 7.25"
Washo Bowl-Mountain Pattern 1910 3" x 5.5"
Miwok Grasshopper Stitch Basket 3.375" x 6.75" This is truly one of the rarest baskets a person will find. Miwok baskets are scarce enough and the Grasshopper stitch is used only by the Yokuts, or so we thought. Made with the Miwok stick and bundle foundation this basket employs a form of weaving usually only seen in Yokuts. The top rim is sewn to the second coil for about an inch. Then a gap where the top coil wraps around the top bundle only. Then again the top coil attaches to the second coil again. This gapping is called the Grasshopper stitch. The Grasshopper stitch is found only in Yokuts American Indian baskets. 1890 - 1900
Paiute Beehive basket Coil method construction using pine needles with lid attached.
1900's 4.75" x 5.25"