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About EarthSpiritHealing.org

Founder's Statement and Mission

My name is Mark Goddard, and as I focus on my purpose this lifetime, I examine what is truly important in life and what is needed on the planet at this critical time. We are faced with issues of human overpopulation, overuse of resources and a lack of human consciousness, as people become more and more cut off from nature. Having a strong knowledge of biology, ecology and the environment, I suffer to see the effects of global warming on our world. Even though climate change and mass extinction is common in geologic history, this is the first time such change has had a human component. Climate affects ecosystems, which affect species survivability. All life forms are inter-dependant. Given what is happening in the animal kingdom, we need to take a sobering look at our own survival.

As a person who comes from many generations of gardeners and farmers, I have a natural inclination toward working with plants and nature. I have a great love for plants and all living things. As an artist, designer and spiritual person, I focus on the finer energies of aesthetics, combined with the more practical aspects, namely incorporation of age old farming practices, organic methods and fostering growth of indigenous plants and ecological communities. It is a three-pronged approach toward human health, happiness and harmony.

My site, therefore, focuses on bringing together practical and spiritual wisdom to help us return to shepherding the earth as we were put here to do. We are rapidly approaching the time of prophecy and need to do something about it on the physical and spiritual level. There needs to be, as it were, an Environmental Bill of Rights. Since we live in an economically driven society, the costs of ecological hardship need to be put in terms of dollars, cents and quality of human existence. How would you feel if many of the wild animals you grew up enjoying and being inspired by suddenly no longer existed? Or the wild, quiet places? Do we really need all these cheaply made products that have a short period of usability? Do we need to be shipping things around the world, especially given the quality of the products being shipped? Could our lives be richer, if many of the things we use could be personally made and exchanged, with a sense of pride and commitment to our community?

We are best served by the food we eat if it is fresh. When it is eaten hours after it is harvested, we receive the maximum benefit of its life force and nutrition. We need to grow fresh, healthy food locally instead of burning fossil fuels to ship lifeless, amended and treated food for our consumption. We need a vibrant economy that is inspired by nature as opposed to being in direct conflict with the planet. Our resources need to be used sparingly and with pride of workmanship. It is possible to provide innovative, creative and profitable products and services that benefit the planetary web of life and foster human convenience. The work and play we do in our lives must enrich us and be in balance. That is first class. This website will develop organically and serve as a forum of creating the future for all living things.

We must act to protect the next seven generations and heal the past seven generations. We need to know where our water is coming from, where our food comes from and who our family, real friends and community are. We must walk lightly on the Earth with humility, gratitude, compassion and with God. Let us all listen three times before we speak once and acknowledge that we know nothing, even if we think we know everything about something. It's a refreshing experience!

EarthSpiritHealing.org is designed to be an ongoing, constantly evolving online resource for addressing issues of sustainability of human existance in harmony with the fragile web of life on this planet. How we can support ourselves, each other and our environment and bridge the gap between the industrial production and transportation oriented, fossil fuels driven economy, and a future existance that recognizes the importance of interdependancy of human beings and all living things.

How our lives as individuals can be enhanced by this and how we can continue our style of living in a way that leaves a smaller footprint on nature. It is a means of expressing my own wisdom and learning in this, as well as being educated by others who have positive, viable input toward our betterment as a species. What spiritual lessons do we have in making this transition?

As this evolves, we will have blogs and a forum community to this end.

Blessings to everyone.

Mark Goddard

Contact Mark Goddard for more information or a quotation.

Phone: 530 575-8079

or e-mail: indigodeer@earthspirithealing.org.

Goddard Organic Landscape Design

Goddard Organic Landscape Design



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