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Soil Health -

Where does our food come from? Soil health has an eventual impact on our health because it is the most basic foundation of the planet's web of life, and humans are the ultimate top of the food chain. If the soil has less nutritive value, fruits and vegetables produced in it will have less nutritive value... READ MORE

Design & Plant Selection -

As a designer and landscape maintenance professional, I observe over and over again poor choices of plant selection... READ MORE

Fire Safety & What To Do About Landscaping -

Spring is here and winter weather patterns may soon dry up. Now is an excellent time to think about fire safety and landscape design... READ MORE

Fire Safe Plant List & Invasive Plants -


The Sanctuary Garden -
"The kiss of the sun for pardon The songs of the birds for mirth; You are nearer God's heart in a garden Than anywhere else on this earth." - Traditional saying... READ MORE

Winterizing Your Garden (mountain and cooler regions) -

The yearly growing cycle is coming to a close yet the work of nature continues. For all of us who enjoy the rewards of gardening during warm months of the year... READ MORE


Goddard Organic Landscape Design

Goddard Organic Landscape Design



Home Blogs Articles/Tips Landscape Philosophy Landscaping Portfolio TestimonialsContact Us

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